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We have embraced a new phase bursting with all our usual energy.

Today we represent the renewal of a project whose history fills us with pride.

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Sandokan was founded in 2006 based on the tenets of providing excellence in its services, the highest quality equipment and a constant striving to fully satisfy its customers.24h

It provides a wide range of products for sale and hire.

It has a highly qualified, competent, professional and experienced team, which with maximum efficiency and professionalism assemble and operate all the equipment available for sale and hire and professionals duly trained to solve technical problems and provide all the clarifications needed.


Sandokan’s management policy serves the interest of its customers in the quest for excellence in all its activities, products and services.

We aim to: 


Sandokan has decided to broaden its horizons and we have been enlarging our services of excellence. In 2019 we rebranded our company, separating the services we provide into six brands. We now operate in the market as follows:

This brand operates in the field of installation and maintenance of electrical networks, with duly qualified staff trained in Live Voltage / Low Voltage work, Safety and Connection of Generators, as recognised by EDP (Portugal’s national electricity supplier), making connections to the various transformation posts using the most recent equipment on the market, certified for the purpose. Available 24 hours a day, we provide a high-quality service, acknowledged as such by our customers.
This brand focuses on trading new and used equipment. It is manned by a commercial team which has several years of experience in the market.
This brand intends to supply a turnkey service bringing together two separate services, renting a broad range of equipment and supplying energy distribution. It rents all the equipment needed for events, assembling and disassembling it as need be, supplying the equipment during the whole event and elaborating the project and licence for it.
Staffed by a professional team with in-depth knowledge of multiple brands, this company provides assistance for the customers’ equipment and the machines out to hire. Through preventive maintenance, it aims to minimise any downtime. It also has vehicles fully equipped to travel to the customers and provide immediate solutions. This team is available 24h/day.
This brand rents a vast range of equipment. Its specialised team works in close collaboration with the customers to meets their needs, delivering and collecting the equipment promptly.
This brand deals with the sale of new generator groups. It has a specialised team for the technical maintenance and assistance of this equipment.

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